Cointrola Standup Coin Radios (2)

$ 100
I have 2 Cointrola coin operated standup radios.  One is complete with the coin mechanism while the other has had the front coin slot covered up with a decorative piece of wood.  The internal mechanism may still be there but I am unable to open this up to check.  The external fastener heads are like those used to secure speakers in tombstone, cathedral and other radios.  One needs to remove them by working from the inside.  That backside inspection panel has been nailed shut.  The radio on the left was working when purchased but that was 3 years ago.  The other one has not been plugged in or opened up since purchase.  Assume they will both need attention.  One can probably make a very nice, functioning unit out of the two.  The main case is painted metal while the tops and bottoms are wood.  $100 for the pair.
Local pickup available in Petaluma.  (707)773-1291 (H);  (707)772-9678 (cell)  Craig
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