Grebe Synchrophase 7 AC Radio
$ 40
  • Grebe Synchrophase 7 AC Radio
  • This is a Grebe Synchrophase AC Console Radio from 1927
    It appears to be complete.
    It is untested and looks like it has been in storage for a while.
    It is dirty but is in better shape than the pictures show.
    I was unable to find a complete example on the internet, so this could be an uncommon radio.
    Will deliver to Concord, Alameda or Turlock
  • Feb 20, 2023
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Atwater Kent F-4-A Radio Speaker
$ 35
  • Atwater Kent F-4-A Radio Speaker
  • This is a clean AK radio speaker from 1929.
    It appears to be in good condition.
    I can see a small, repaired tear on the speaker cone.
    The 4-pin connector has continuity on both sides
    The speaker was designed for use with an Atwater Kent #55 or #60 radio
    Can deliver to Concord, Turlock or Alameda
  • Feb 20, 2023
Sold Listing
B&K 3011B Function Generator - 3 each
$ 45
  • B&K 3011B Function Generator - 3 each
  • I have for sale three B&K 3011B 2 MHz function generators with digital frequency readout.  With the exception of some cosmetic damage on one unit they are all in excellent condition, all functions operate reliably and are within calibration limits.  The advantage to owning these '70's technology instruments is they have no propriety IC's, no microcontrollers, no soft or firm ware to cause a unit to become junk.  They are made up of commonly available analog and digital IC's and discrete transistors.  Well built and with easy access to both sides ot the circuit board they are easy to repair.  These function generators are great for novice first time acquiition or a backup signal source for pros.  Units #1 and #2 I'm asking for $45.  Unit #3 I'm asking for $35.  It is missing the cap on the course frequency knob and is missing a small bit of panel next to the push button switches.  The complete operator and service manual pages are availble via e-mail from me.  Pick up at RC Alameda is availble on a Saturday or will ship.
  • Oct 01, 2022
Sold Listing
Philco 38-116 Console
$ 60
  • Philco 38-116 Console
  • Complete. Refinished and electrically restored about 2001. AM works with a long wire antenna, rest of bands are unknown. 
    The current finish as some nicks from a houseful of kids over the years.  Grill cloth is good. All knobs are original. 3 passive speakers and a fully reconed 15" main speaker. Must pick-up in San Jose.
  • Aug 02, 2022
Sold Listing
$ 2
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  • Jul 28, 2022
Sold Listing
SOLD Majestic Model 70-B Tall Boy Console SOLD
$ 100
  • SOLD Majestic Model 70-B Tall Boy Console SOLD
  • I have sold this radio. Sorry.


    Beautiful wood is in excellent condition. From a smoke free home for
    the last 41 years.
    Manufactured by Grigsby-Grunow in 1928.

    This is an extremely beautiful piece of furniture.

    All electronic parts are present, including tubes, original Electric Power
    Unit and Super-Dynamic Speaker. The radio internal parts are clean
    and complete, except the cable from the Radio to the Power Unit.
    The wires in this cable were crumbling, so it will have to be rewired.

    Must be picked up in Santa Rosa

  • Apr 06, 2022
Sold Listing
Philco Console Model 38-116
$ 10
  • Philco Console Model 38-116
  • This is a Philco Model 38-116, made in 1937.
    The radio is complete with all tubes & shields, original knobs, main speaker, 3 powered acoustic "Clarifiers" (these look like speakers, but are un-powered, to stop cabinet resonance in the main speaker.

    Cabinet has all its veneer, but will need a bit of finishing touchup. You can see 2 areas that are already sanded that need re-staining. For its age, the cabinet is in good condition.

    The chassis looks clean and solid, not rusted out.

    I have NOT tried to apply power to the radio, as I expect that the power supply capacitors will need to
    be replaced. Nice thing about this radio is that the caps are in individual cans mounted on the top of the chassis. No tar filled boxes to mess with.

    I was about to embark on a project of checking out all the electronics to restore its workings.
    Turns out that I have built up more tube radios than I have time to work on.

    So, I am hoping to find a good home for this one.

    Could be an easy restoration project.

    This has to be picked up in Santa Rosa.

  • Apr 06, 2022
Sold Listing
$ 35
  • Unmolested, unrestored, complete AK model 46 for sale.Full complement of tubes, nothing has been tested. As is. Great project set.
    I'm lowering the price. Tubes worth it alone!
  • Feb 16, 2022
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Cointrola Standup Coin Radios (2)
$ 100
  • Cointrola Standup Coin Radios (2)
  • I have 2 Cointrola coin operated standup radios.  One is complete with the coin mechanism while the other has had the front coin slot covered up with a decorative piece of wood.  The internal mechanism may still be there but I am unable to open this up to check.  The external fastener heads are like those used to secure speakers in tombstone, cathedral and other radios.  One needs to remove them by working from the inside.  That backside inspection panel has been nailed shut.  The radio on the left was working when purchased but that was 3 years ago.  The other one has not been plugged in or opened up since purchase.  Assume they will both need attention.  One can probably make a very nice, functioning unit out of the two.  The main case is painted metal while the tops and bottoms are wood.  $100 for the pair.
    Local pickup available in Petaluma.  (707)773-1291 (H);  (707)772-9678 (cell)  Craig
  • Jan 31, 2022
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Philco Twin Speaker Table Radio
$ 75
  • Philco Twin Speaker Table Radio
  • Offered is a Turquiose and cream cabinet twin speaker tube type table radio. The model number is unknown at this time. The radio plays and tunes well but volume control is a bit scratchy, seems to need some tuner cleaner. The cabinet is in very good condition with no cracks, scratches or other damage and the dial is unique V style, very 1950's mid century! Shipping is 8 lbs from zip code 98366. 
  • Jan 11, 2022
Sold Listing
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