Philco Console Model 38-116

$ 10
This is a Philco Model 38-116, made in 1937.
The radio is complete with all tubes & shields, original knobs, main speaker, 3 powered acoustic "Clarifiers" (these look like speakers, but are un-powered, to stop cabinet resonance in the main speaker.

Cabinet has all its veneer, but will need a bit of finishing touchup. You can see 2 areas that are already sanded that need re-staining. For its age, the cabinet is in good condition.

The chassis looks clean and solid, not rusted out.

I have NOT tried to apply power to the radio, as I expect that the power supply capacitors will need to
be replaced. Nice thing about this radio is that the caps are in individual cans mounted on the top of the chassis. No tar filled boxes to mess with.

I was about to embark on a project of checking out all the electronics to restore its workings.
Turns out that I have built up more tube radios than I have time to work on.

So, I am hoping to find a good home for this one.

Could be an easy restoration project.

This has to be picked up in Santa Rosa.

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